When it’s time

It seems time is the ultimate commitment for writing, for studying, for sleeping, for reading, for… well almost everything.
When it’s time… I went away to school, made new friends, missed my family, and ended up with a bachelor’s degree.
When it’s time… I moved back home, lived from apartment to apartment, stayed faithful to both boyfriend and career.
When it’s time… I lost a mother…then a father….and learned what life was really about.
When it’s time… I found a way to live again, to love, and got married to my best friend.
The phrase “When it’s time…” led me to where I am now, writing about the next phase in my life. And what is that you say? Well this blog is for me, a place where I can explore the daily musings of a very interesting academic life, or my hopes therein. It’s where I’ll come to unload and hopefully inspire discussions and enlighten others to think about where they are in life and where they’re going.
I told my husband the other day that I believe I’m meant to do something more with my life, something that gives back and pays forward. And that’s what I’m setting up to do. This blog is just one way to document it.
Thanks…and enjoy!


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