Popular Culture Conference/American Culture Association (PCA/ACA) 2013


Dusting myself off after a lengthy hiatus from this blog that included switching and starting a new job, having a baby, book reviewing, and dealing with all things in between, finds me a little over a year later and starting the Fall 2013 semester both as a student and new mom. Yikes! Yes I know its been awhile.

With that said, I’d like to take a second to discuss a conference I attended down in DC. The Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association had their annual national conference down in DC at the Marriott Wardman Hotel from March 27-March 30th (same time as the annual DC Cherry Blossom Festival!).

I had the chance to attend with a good friend and colleague of mine. Being a librarian and a graduate student in Cultural Anthropology, I found the diversity of area topics to be of great fascination! I was able to attend interesting panels that I thought would help further my thesis research in regard to Women and the Death Metal Music and I was also able to attend some professional development topics surrounding librarianship-really this conference had it all!

In case you’re looking to attend next’s year conference, here’s an idea of some of the colorful and interesting panels I attended back in March 2013 (again, I know this is LATE!!!) And of course, my interests were heavily Music and Library related, though I did find time to also attend some Film adaptation panels on the Walking Dead-another favorite topic of mine. I recall there being a paper, titled, “The Pitter Patter of Zombie Feet” which opened discussion on the unsettling feelings of an audience towards the depiction of undead/dead children in film and what children symbolized to humanity’s survival, somethingĀ  that reminded me of the “Uncanny Valley” theory —simply quite fascinating!

Without further ado, here’s my list:

  • Libraries, Archives, Museums, and Popular Research (Ellis)
  • Music (Kitts) III: World Musics
  • Music (Kitts) IV: African-American Musics and Culture
  • Music (Kitts) V: Hardcore, Industrial, and Black Metal
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy (Leitch and Ginn)
  • Science-Fiction Body: Metonymic Identity in Doctor Who and Star Wars
  • Punk Studies (Cecil) VII:RoundTable – Punk, Community and Civic Engagement
  • Fairy Tales (Holland-Toll and Nicks) Fairy Tales Pedagogy I
  • Music (Kitts) VII: John Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Libraries, Archives, Museums, and Popular Research (Ellis) IX: Legacy Series: Embedding Cultural Competence in Our Academic Environment
  • Vampire in Literature, Culture, and Film (Findley and Simpson) IV: “Peeling Back the Layers”: The Vampire from All Angles

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