Monday Musings

Lately, my blog posts haven’t been totally of the academic nature; I’ve realized I’m becoming more and more entrenched in the daily activities of a mom and a working mom at that.

But today, I’ll speak to a balance of both things academia and motherhood.

This Monday morning was done in it’s usual fashion, a quick and then slow progression of doing things on automatic and then having time on the train to contemplate all the things I needed to do or did. I remember sitting on the train not too long ago, praising myself for actually being able to make it to work on time today! I hate being late, but somehow it’s become routine ever since having a baby.

For the past two weeks my husband has been sick with some strange cold that caused him to have an eye infection. The family joke was it was pink eye but it turned out to be just a plain old eye infection caused by his cold and lack of sleep. To mothers out there who say their husbands never help around the house–well wait until they are sick, its then you realize that even the little that they did around the house, adds up! Boy have I been tired. It’s funny because I’m always venting about my husband when he gets sick, saying things like, “he get’s all needy, it’s like having two kids, everything halts to a stop when he’s sick”, yadda yadda yadda. When in truth, he does help me a lot around the house. We’re split pretty evenly when it comes to chores, but it’s been hard this week because as Ella’s favorite-he’s been unable to play with her or watch her since he’s coughing everywhere. So that extra Ella time went to me. And while I love my daughter-it wasn’t easy to be up and about non stop with her kind of energy. I mean really–how many times do we need to climb the ottomans and coffee table?

Two weeks ago brings us to today and I’m glad to say my stubborn husband finally went to the doctor for antibiotics and is now on the mend. It’s at the nick of time as I’ve got a night class tomorrow and 2 book reviews due.

Professionally, I’m glad to say my reviewing has been incredibly rewarding. I was given a review to do for ARLISNA- which is the Art Libraries Society of North America and I’ve got another assignment (a 2 volume encyclopedia set) for CHOICE magazine to do. CHOICE magazine is the journal that academic librarians use to make there selections of new titles to add for their libraries. It covers a plethora of subjects and I was given the opportunity to start reviewing titles on the subjects of Art, Art History, Museums, and Anthropology. Reviewing has done wonders for me professionally and it doesn’t hurt to get free books! All in all, it’s really helped improved my writing skills as well as offering me insight on the acquisition of titles for colleges.

Aside from the reviewing, I’m almost done with my Archaeology class. We got our midterm essays back last week and I happily received a B-. I say  “happily” because I really didn’t think I would even get a B-. I was so stressed that week and so unhappy with the direction I felt the class was going that I really did not think I would do well.  Since receiving my midterm grade, I’ve been in a sort of “contented” mood in regards to the MA program. I think it mostly has to do with the fact that I now have a better understanding of what’s expected on my Archaeology tests and therefore can better be prepared for my final. I didn’t give my best for the midterm so now in my head I’ve told myself I can ace the final. LOL-we’ll see.

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