Philippines and Death Metal Music

Perhaps another area for exploration and thesis writing might lie in my roots! I just recently started thinking about Death Metal in the Philippines – a genre I’m sure will be hard to research as my own experience confirmed from the last time I visited in 2005. I met with very few people who even knew what the genre was.

I’ll admit, most of my family did not listen to heavy metal, let alone, death metal. I found most of my cousins and usually only males, listened to your run of the mill classic metal bands like Iron Maiden, Slayer, Metallica, Sepultura, etc. I didn’t mind that but I do remembering finding it strange that though it was 2005, it seemed that my mother’s hometown and even that of folks in metro-Manila seemed to be stuck in a wormhole of 80’s metal. It was like a strange Napoleon Dynamite experience.

While browsing the internet, I came across a nice list from Encyclopedia Mettallum listing bands and their musical categories by country. Naturally I found the Philippines and was pleasantly surprised to see a fairly long list indexed by band name, genre, location and status (active or in-active). I plan to explore more  of this when I have time but it looks promising. Almost automatically I then went to see if there was a list for my husband’s country of Trinidad and sadly there was not. It would be nice to explore his country as well and maybe even conduct a cross cultural study of both the Philippines and Trinidad’s metal music scenes.


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