Metal Monday – Agrimonia


Over at I found a nifty list of DOOM metal bands with females either fronting the band or as members. To my serendipitous surprise, I just discovered the band Agrimonia. Fronted by lead singer, Christina, the band hails from Gothenburg, Sweden and employs a sludge, crust, post metal sound–not surprising, given Gothenburg’s musical history. Having only listened to the band’s first self titled album from 2008, I wasn’t left wanting.

As for stylings, Christina’s vocals are impressive. She alternates from gritty bowl crunching growls to an easily identifiable influence of the punk and hardcore vocals of which she stems. Drawing from both a rich history of Gothenburg metal and punk, it’s easy to see why I loved hearing this band. Melodically, I found the perfect balance between heaviness, precision and and straight-up musicianship. The album, which had only five songs, about 10 minutes each or longer, offered a skillful blend of atmosphere and symmetry while remaining intense throughout. I lost myself to certain signatures that gave me the right amount of rumination for hearing the organic transitions of each song-listen to The Decay below and you’ll see what I mean. Even their lyrics blow me away –

“My tears all I can give
My anger my despise
The poison eats you alive
I can see every bite”…

Of course, I can’t wait to hear the next two albums that were released in 2010 and 2013. I could totally imagine them being signed to Neurot Records if they were state-side. It’s that kind of organic sludge.

Cue research soundtrack…..


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