@Daily News – Metaleros’ journey: Meet N.Y.’s thriving Latino metal scene

Over at the Daily News website, I found an interesting article written back in 2009 regarding Latino Metalheads from the NY metal scene. The post was entitled, Metaleros’ journey: Meet N.Y.’s thriving Latino metal scene and written by Daily News journalist, Ana Maria Toro. The article talks about demystifying the stereotype that all Latinos listen to, or play Merengue, Mariachi and Salsa music. I was glad to see some spotlight, however little, was given to this subject.

Toro goes on to interview several Latino musicians and promoters and sheds light on the popularity of Metal’s global reach south of the border, relaying how Metal music is pretty popular in many Latin counties.

In regards to what Latino musicians find appealing with metal, one interviewee cited how performing metal has been cathartic in relieving anger and marginalization through displaying musicianship and talent. Nothing cited was surprising to me, as the genre has often been described as transgressive.

Though it’s not an in-depth article of any kind, I thought it was interesting that this particular post was even written, considering there seems to be little, by way of online articles, about New York’s Hispanic and Latino metal scene. Not surprisingly, it’s even more difficult for me to find articles regarding the Hispanic/Latino women involved within the NY metal scene–by far the largest demographic present at shows outside of Caucasian women. This may of course be due to a language barrier while I’m researching. Perhaps there are Spanish forums with active female participates talking about metal; something for me to further investigate and bring to light.






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