Marcus Miller @ BB King’s on March 18th 2015

Vish’s review of last night’s Marcus Miller show at BB Kings….yes he included photos of our meals because he’s a foodie. 🙂

Ugly Bass Face

So, last night, wifey and I went to BB King’s Blues Club, and saw Marcus Miller perform for our anniversary. It was a fun show. We haven’t been to a jazz performance in a long time. Its mostly been death metal and various industrial or harsh electronica/noise shows for at least 2 years.

So, we got there a little early. Doors open at 6:00, but I wanted a table and dinner, since we’re apparently growing old together. We arrived around 5:40 and waited on line outside. There, we met an older couple from Norway who wanted to confirm that they were on the right line. They were an interesting pair. She’s a scholar and was here lecturing about crime. She had just recently been to SUNY Purchase (about 20 mins from where we live) and The New School. They’ve been married for 20-odd years and were together for…

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