Gospel of the Witches & I met Ross Dolan (bassist for Immolation)

Here’s Vish’s review of our infamous meeting with band members of the Gospel of the Witches (i.e. Karyn Crisis’s new band) from their 3/29/15 show at Saint Vitus. For now, I’m working on writing up a review of the entire event that was organized by the genius that is Kristen Korvette.

Ugly Bass Face

The wife with Karyn Crisis The wife with Karyn Crisis

So, last night, wifey and I left the baby with her grandparents and went to St. Vitus in Brooklyn to see Gospel of the Witches. Its Karyn Crisis‘ new band, along with her husband Davide Tiso (Ephel Duath), Ross Dolan & Robert Vigna from Immolation and Charlie Schmid from Vaura – the only band I wasn’t familiar with.

I was up in the air about where to write about this, as I have an infrequently-updated metal blog as well, so I decided to write a little about it here for one main reason – we met and chatted with several of the band members after the show and one of them was Ross Dolan – bassist for GotW and Immolation.

I’ve been a fan of both Crisis and Immolation for about 20 years, and of Ephel Duath for around 12 years…

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