Shedding Light on the Darkness of Myrkur

Yes..Myrkur has been playing as background research music for the last week…

Bandcamp Daily

Wyatt Marshall is a writer in New York City.

Myrkur, Rasmus Malmstrom

“I never planned on playing this music for anyone, let alone releasing it. So it was not without complications for me to unleash this project into the world.”

Two months ago, “Nattens Barn,” the debut song from Myrkur—Icelandic for “darkness”—appeared on Pitchfork. It’s a really good track, a dose of early ’90s second-wave black metal that’s a compelling take on the original thing, with twists. Led by an ethereal female chorus, “Nattens Barn” soon dives into a rich, mid-tempo plod, then goes into full-on, furious and melancholic blasting. Barely contained, gorgeous chaos reigns as Myrkur simultaneously embodies Enya and (2014) Ulver.

Press materials state Myrkur is a Danish, one-woman, black metal band from the “darkness of Scandinavia,” and her debut, self-titled EP “burst onto the scene like a Valkyrie into battle.” The second single, “Latvian Fergurö,” followed a similar script to…

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