About me

I’m the Institute Librarian at the CalArts Library in Valencia, CA. I received my Library Science and Archival Masters degrees from Pratt Institute and a Masters in Anthropology from Hunter College.

Previously, I worked at CUNY’s Leonard Lief Library at Lehman College, Butler Library at Columbia University and the Thomas J. Watson/Nolen Libraries at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

My current research interests include Gender, Women Studies, Ethical Non-Monogamous Relationships, and Ethnomusicology – specifically women’s participation in Heavy Metal and Extreme Metal Music sub-cultures. My all-time favorite books are the illustrated kind, graphic novels and comics! To be specific, I love almost everything published under the Vertigo & Image labels and I have a sentimental affinity to Preacher by Garth Ennis.

When I’m not shushing folks at the library, I split my time as a metal scholar, mentor, wife, mom, and doting sister when SoCal temperatures and attitudes allow.

Please note that everything written here is copyright unless otherwise stated and that the statements expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.

I’d appreciated being notified if you would like to reference or link to me.

As always, please comment here or drop me an email at jm(dot)jocson213(at) gmail (dot)com, if you have questions.

Thank you and enjoy!

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