Musical Assault!!!

As part of my Anthropology of Music and Art Class, I had to write a final paper for the semester on a topic related to what we’ve been studying. It’s made up of my review from the Afrobeat book as mentioned earlier on this blog.  Inclusion of paper one (the book review) was required as part of our assignment. I also wrote up an annotated bibliography (a very librarian thing to do) but didn’t attach it. If you’re interested in reading it, contact me via comment/email and I’ll let you know.

I thank my husband in offering sage editing advice and critique! Thanks!

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Thanks to my husband, Afrobeat and Black Metal Music

Today, it’s with great pleasure that I advocate my husband’s blog – Ugly Bass Face. Vish is teaching himself how to play bass and has been blogging about it. I have to say that his journey has been quite inspiring. He’s part of the reason that inspired me to start this very blog and he’s mostly responsible for my fascination with all things musical. I also appreciate his writing and a lot of the bass playing community does too!

There have been many a night where we’ve discussed musical structures and genres. I am continually intrigued to learn about the many modifiers that exists for Metal music. Because of him, I’ve started reading,”Lords of Chaos: the Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground” by the authors Moniyhan and Soderlind. It was while reading Lords of Chaos and taking my Anthropology class in which we’ve been studying Fela Kuti’s music that an idea struck me on the elements that produce rebellious musical genres. I wondered how and if there was a connection between the sociopolitical underpinnings of both the rise of Afrobeat and Black Metal music. This notion has inspired me to write a paper on the creation of Afrobeat and Black Metal music and their relation to Frantz Fanon’s ideology of Native Intellectual. I’ll try to have it up later this month.

That’s it for now. I know it’s a short one!